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Astro can be tested and returned by invitation order in early 2023. The introductory price in the test version was around $1,000 US. Amazon gives devices from its own production as “Day one Edition” to selected customers. This is to improve the devices through early feedback for production readiness. Unfortunately, an invitation is only possible for the US as of early 2023. There is a possibility to pre-order. On Ebay, individual copies are freely available in advance with luck.

Astro is more than a home robot, or consumer robot. Astro is a dog-like vehicle from Amazon, which can move agilely and independently. Astro is approximately 16.7″ L x 9.8″ W x 17.3″ H and weighs 19.84 lbs or 9 kg. Astro has Alexa smart features built in at the same time. Astro can interact with humans via various sensors and the display. In addition, Astro has functions such as a retractable periscope with camera, alarm function, storage compartment. The periscope camera can be used to monitor the apartment or a warehouse, for example, via smartphone. Astro itself has its own “personality” integrated. This uses the eyes on the display, sounds and independent, sometimes spontaneous movement with the wheels. The device can avoid obstacles and follow people. Advances in artificial intelligence allow Astro to learn objects more easily. In this way, the home robot should know its way around the home better. It should also be possible to exclude certain areas of privacy, temporally or spatially from its functions. A “do not disturb” function is built in.

  • Functions for Smart Home e.g. for monitoring kitchen and bathroom (taps and electrical appliances).
  • Ring Protect Pro and Virtual Security Guard: Astro can independently monitor as a night watchman, e.g. the apartment or in companies objects such as storage rooms – advantageous is the night vision function, additional security in case of absence
  • with Virtual Security Guard, movements are to be detected independently and the cause analyzed, security personnel can also monitor what is happening via live view and trigger a noisy alarm on Astro or talk to the person on site
  • Astro can replace alarm systems if necessary, should also enable, for example, the intelligent detection of suspicious noises (sounding smoke detectors, or clanging glass in a possible burglary) – Astro is compatible with Alexa Guard Alert
  • Possibility to spread light and sounds, e.g. on vacation, absence
  • Entertainment value & Alexa
  • less requirements than pets (e.g. in rented apartments, no regular visits to the doctor, pet smell, pet hair, no problems with allergies, no damage from scratching, biting and pet paws) – “housebroken
  • does not disturb e.g. own sleep or neighbors (especially when training and acclimatizing)
  • “intelligent” “pet”, or roommate through voice / organization functions
  • less complicated and expensive than big robots with legs, Astro cannot fall over
  • personal contact possibility with animals and fellow residents by video telephony via built-in monitor
  • can additionally support the care of persons and interesting for studies to e.g. support the independence of vulnerable persons (like dementia patients), if persons get up, or for reminder (for daily routines, security in case of forgetfulness e.g. in kitchen like stove, meal times, closed refrigerator doors, possibly use in nursing/elderly homes)
  • Entertainment for visitors, e.g. messenger for small gifts and products
  • also Astro can e.g. protect sick and elderly people more seamlessly and give messages to contacts when they get up and walk through the apartment, or e.g. get into distress and call for help
  • for older children (3 years and older) Astro is a toy with possibly educational functions, e.g. with later additional functions with learning functions such as vocabulary training or the like
  • Pets themselves should be able to be monitored
  • Astro is programmable to the owner

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