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A humanoid or humanoid robot is artificial, but has a human-like appearance and human-like characteristics. These are also referred to as humanoids. Humanoids are designed to reduce the cost of services and speed up processes. Employees are relieved of monotonous standard processes.


Cheap Humanoids from aoborobot

The manufacturer “aoborobot” offers numerous humanoids and robots at relatively low prices. Entry-level models are available for well under 8,000 USD. Much more expensive humanoids will be discussed in a separate article! The humanoids from “aoborobot” are intended for public purposes with customer contact. Examples are for greeting and information in hotels, restaurants, airports, waiting rooms, authorities, banks – but of course also at events like fairs. The humanoids are robustly built. Optional attachments such as trays can also be used to deliver food or drinks in restaurants or bars. There are also other more compact robots for security and simple transport purposes. According to the manufacturer, the humanoids can be programmed for additional functions by third-party developers. The company aoborobot offers control options via remote control, voice messaging and keystroke on the humanoid. The weight is up to about 110.2 pounds or 50 kg and with lifelike size of up to about 70.9″ or 1.8 m. The market maturity achieved so far is interesting.



Due to the relatively low acquisition costs and simple construction on casters, the humanoids are interesting for standard tasks. The manufacturer is constantly developing new models and also offers versions with animal faces (monkeys and elephants).

It can be retrofitted by customers with their own programs. Great potential exists if the manufacturer offers a low-cost robot with a standard open joint, or add-on connection. In this way, tools can ideally be retrofitted freely and flexibly. In this way, additional functions may be available at low cost in the future (e.g. for gripping). In addition to mechanically open connections for the mass market, open solutions on the sensor side are of course also valuable. In this respect, the company aoborobot already offers a mobile chassis for external developers, without a superstructure.

For show purposes and marketing, humanoids are promising for larger companies and authorities. Important guests and visitors can be attended to more intensively. Due to the use for the first contact and for standard information a use on fairs and with public work is promising around enterprises additional effects to bring. By marketing the humanoids via larger platforms such as Amazon, a certain level of buyer protection in terms of guarantee and quality can also be ensured.

Modells offered for:

Reception & Navigation
Information & Promotion
Interactive Dialogs
Delivery of Food & Drinks

Huan” is an entry-level price model and ideal for restaurants and bars. The humanoid has a tablet for delivery and an HD display for entertainment. The humanoid can create maps of rooms and drive to a specific position. The humanoid uses sensors for collision avoidance. The destination can be determined by voice input. In this way, food or drinks can be delivered. Huan waits until the goods are removed. The humanoid can accompany guests to their seats and act as a pilot. Other possible applications include events where company information can be presented in a modern way via loudspeakers and the display. There are many useful additional functions for this humanoid, such as built-in microphones and cameras for facial recognition. In addition, Huan can play an MP3 during events, such as when an order is delivered. Information requested via the Internet can also be played (e.g. on the weather). When needed, the humanoid automatically recharges the built-in battery.

Alternatively, there is a similar humanoid but with 2 tablets mounted on top of each other – called Lele.

Dabai” has a rather futuristic appearance with glasses and oval face. Arms are indicated.

This humanoid is designed for customer reception and dialog. It can output information via the built-in display and speakers. The manufacturer is proud of the usable database. The manufacturer states that the humanoid can understand up to 3,000 user-defined sentences. In addition, the system has a pilot function to bring and pick up guests and customers to a location. A collision warning is integrated for this purpose. Valuably, the humanoid adapts travel paths to obstacles.

This humanoid is particularly human-shaped. He has arms and legs in addition to a face. It is interesting that there are many controllable joints on the upper body. For example, ShaQiang has movable fingers. Therefore, the humanoid can also shake people’s hands.

ShaQiang is the tallest humanoid in comparison at about 70.9″ or 178 cm tall. However, ShaQiang stands fixed in place and cannot move from the spot by itself. The humanoid can recognize when a human is standing in front of it and greet them with a handshake. In addition, ShaQiang has functions for information purposes with the display and speaker. The humanoid can conduct user-defined dialogs and has a speech database. For better dialogue, the manufacturer promises intelligent learning.

The humanoid is another affordable model for currently well under $10,000. It does not have its own drive for the procedure. Instead, the developers have focused on the human form, including its own legs. However, the legs are without drive.

Peipei” is ideal for the reception and information of guests and customers. Due to the large 22″ FullHD display, films and presentations can be shown in high quality. The display is also mounted particularly prominent. This is especially interesting for several people and groups. A larger display could also attract people who approach the humanoid more cautiously. The humanoid looks particularly friendly with a childlike round face. Large eyes and raised corners of the mouth are present. The humanoid’s face is more feminine in appearance.

Peipei also has a pilot function to accompany or pick up guests to a destination. The possible customer exchange is improved by the linguistic database. Peipei is designed for intelligent dialogue.

Comparable to PeiPei is SuanTou. SuanTou’s face looks a bit more neutral to serious. This humanoid has the largest info display with 32″ in the comparison. The display is placed on edge. Like most other humanoids, SuanTou has walking wheels and can independently guide and pick up guests to desired points.In addition, this humanoid has various ID card or fingerprint identification capabilities. This makes SuanTou ideal for use in banks.

Yin is specially designed for exchanges with customers and guests in banks. For this purpose, it has a card reader and a number reader (e.g. for pin numbers). A printer is also built in. Also worth mentioning are the facial recognition and the possibility of interactive dialog. This humanoid can accompany customers to their destination or pick them up. The dynamic display of face and facial features via separate displays is also unique.

For particularly impressive presentations and intensive marketing, Yin can hold different presentations at different locations.

The humanoid Aobo has a fixed display in front of the torso. This arrangement is similar to the clothes of a nurse or a cook with an apron. In addition, the humanoid has numeric keys and a card reader. The large display makes the humanoid ideal for providing information to customers and guests. The movements of the head, arm and fingers can be programmed.

This humanoid is mobile on casters and can also conduct intelligent dialogues. It is equipped with artificial intelligence for this purpose.

Humanoid service robot_XIAOAO from AoBo

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