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Robots for Services can be used as personal robots (comparable to personal computers) or as business robots. The systems are especially useful as a supplement to relieve a performance society and to stabilize a strongly aging society.

This service robot is called Temi. Temi has been developed as an inexpensive and high-quality entry-level system at the same time. Unnecessarily expensive components are deliberately missing. Complicated hands, arms and legs have therefore been dispensed with. The focus is on mobility with simple rollers for transporting products and interactive information with 13.3″ display and high-quality speakers. Ideal conditions for a robust system that is little susceptible to failure and wear and tear. The robot has Alexa Built-in. Consequently, Temi has an integrated artificial intelligence to recognize obstacles and follow people. Temi can be controlled via voice command, remote control and by pressing a button. Temi has a unique slim design with 39.4″ height 13.8″ width and 17.7″ depth or in other words 100 cm height 35 cm width and 45 cm depth. The look is rather sober, understated and timeless. Temi is reminiscent of a mobile piece of furniture. This can be especially attractive to people who still have reservations about robots, or don’t want to be too distracted by the artificial look. A storage compartment is located at the top behind the display. The weight of Temi is only 26.5 lbs or 12 kg. Connections like USB are available.

Sophisticated concept and application possibilities

Crucially and surprisingly, the system moves and can target people! The display can pan atmospherically. Temi is particularly suitable for greetings in gyms, banks, stores or even government offices. However, the system is also interesting for offices, e.g. for personal mail delivery, routine information and safety instructions of visitors at the reception. In retail stores, waiting times can be bridged or products can be promoted dynamically and flexibly with presentations and advertising films. It is therefore also promising for use at trade fairs, as the tray can be used to effectively place welcome material and small promotional gifts, for example. The design is also reminiscent of a display stand. The height of 39.4″ or 1 meter does not obscure the view – even when space is limited. Compared to a classic display stand that uses a relatively large amount of space to promote a single theme, Temi could introduce different themes. Also, due to the shape on the device, a display stand can be attached. Advantageous is that the device can be quickly assembled and disassembled. So that possibly a better overall picture results. An independently moving advertising medium is also a certain eye-catcher to arouse additional interest. With irregular customer rush and waiting periods Temi increases the comfort and stay of solvent visitors and increases so possibly the prospect of conversions and business contacts. In this way, employees could also be relieved of simple tasks or work comfort could be increased e.g. during vacation periods, sick leave or irregular events. This system is advantageous because it complements the human being. The low entry price of about 10,000 USD in the USA limits the entrepreneurial risk. In addition, Temi is advertised as a personal robot because its price makes it suitable for use in higher numbers in both businesses and homes. Temi can provide more targeted and personalized advice to individual visitors in gyms. In households, the ability to provide video-based entertainment and training is more relevant. Temi can be used via smartphone to conduct video conversations, video calls with colleagues, children or friends. Many future applications still have productive increase potential, such as for individual work support with organizer function, intelligent relief for search processes or routines.

The GO1 from Unitree is a faithful and easy-to-care-for companion on 4 paws for running, exciting camera shots and much more. The GO1 delivers a little-known experience through agile and autonomous machines. High-quality artificial intelligence and technology deliver appropriate movements like from a sci-fi movie:

Equipped this new series with 4 legs for rough terrain and also stairs. The legs look very slim and yet stable. As far as off-road capabilities are concerned, these robots are unsurpassed. Built-in cameras for the view in longitudinal axis and transverse axis of the moving head. An interesting feature is the possibility of using various attachments, such as laser scanners, infrared sensors or gripping tools.

An advantage is that the battery can be quickly replaced by a spare battery.

  • Surveillance purposes, e.g. also for security purposes.
  • reconnaissance of poorly accessible areas, outside and at obstacles in buildings, underground and e.g. in mines
  • remote laser scanning of premises
  • Attachment of tools possible (e.g. gripper arms), perspective interesting as support for agriculture or horticulture
  • Interesting are versions for rescue operations (
AI - Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence allows dynamic following of people at different speeds and with changing obstacles. There is a “tag” for automatic following. In addition, the GO1 is stabilized when climbing stairs or in rough terrain.


The GO1 can move in all 4 directions. In addition, movements to stand on 2 hind legs can be called up to perform various choreographies for entertainment. The Quadruped can thus imitate movements of a dog. In this regard, the “tag” for following people is also interesting. This gives the impression of a “faithful companion”.

  • Dimensions: length 25.4″ (645 mm) width 11″ (280 mm) height 15.7″ (400 mm)
  • Weights: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)
  • Transport: items up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg)
  • Speed depending on system: up to 3.7 m/s or 11.88 km/h
  • Battery life for approx. 1- 2.5 h depending on the workload
  • Cameras in all directions and some with wide-angle sensors – sensors
  • Remote control: optional with smartphone for video purposes
  • Transport case and spare battery
  • Various connections for additional devices are integrated (USB 3.0, RS232)

Service on Demand


Huan” is an entry-level price model and ideal for restaurants and bars.

The humanoid has a tablet for delivery and HD display for entertainment. This humanoid has a size of 61″ and 72.7 lbs or 155 cm and 33 kg. The humanoid can create maps of rooms and drive to a specific position. There are sensors for collision avoidance. The destination can be determined by voice input. In this way, food or drinks can be delivered. The humanoid waits until the goods are taken out. The humanoid can accompany guests to the place and guide them. Other possible applications are events where company information can be presented in a modern way via loudspeakers and the display. There are many useful additional functions for this humanoid, such as built-in microphones, and cameras provide facial recognition. In addition, the robot can play an MP3 during events, such as when an order is delivered. Information requested via the Internet can also be played (e.g. on the weather). When needed, the humanoid automatically recharges the built-in battery.

Alternatively, there is a similar humanoid but with 2 tablets mounted on top of each other – called Lele.

Astro can be tested and returned by invitation order in early 2023. The introductory price in the test version was around $1,000 US. Amazon gives devices from its own production as “Day one Edition” to selected customers. This is to improve the devices through early feedback for production readiness. Unfortunately, an invitation is only possible for the US as of early 2023. There is a possibility to pre-order. On Ebay, individual copies are freely available in advance with luck.

Astro is more than a home robot, or consumer robot. Astro is a dog-like vehicle from Amazon, which can move agilely and independently. Astro is approximately 16.7″ L x 9.8″ W x 17.3″ H and weighs 19.84 lbs or 9 kg. Astro has Alexa smart features built in at the same time. Astro can interact with humans via various sensors and the display. In addition, Astro has functions such as a retractable periscope with camera, alarm function, storage compartment. The periscope camera can be used to monitor the apartment or a warehouse, for example, via smartphone. Astro itself has its own “personality” integrated. This uses the eyes on the display, sounds and independent, sometimes spontaneous movement with the wheels. The device can avoid obstacles and follow people. Advances in artificial intelligence allow Astro to learn objects more easily. In this way, the home robot should know its way around the home better. It should also be possible to exclude certain areas of privacy, temporally or spatially from its functions. A “do not disturb” function is built in.

  • Functions for Smart Home e.g. for monitoring kitchen and bathroom (taps and electrical appliances).
  • Ring Protect Pro and Virtual Security Guard: Astro can independently monitor as a night watchman, e.g. the apartment or in companies objects such as storage rooms – advantageous is the night vision function, additional security in case of absence
  • with Virtual Security Guard, movements are to be detected independently and the cause analyzed, security personnel can also monitor what is happening via live view and trigger a noisy alarm on Astro or talk to the person on site
  • Astro can replace alarm systems if necessary, should also enable, for example, the intelligent detection of suspicious noises (sounding smoke detectors, or clanging glass in a possible burglary) – Astro is compatible with Alexa Guard Alert
  • Possibility to spread light and sounds, e.g. on vacation, absence
  • Entertainment value & Alexa
  • less requirements than pets (e.g. in rented apartments, no regular visits to the doctor, pet smell, pet hair, no problems with allergies, no damage from scratching, biting and pet paws) – “housebroken
  • does not disturb e.g. own sleep or neighbors (especially when training and acclimatizing)
  • “intelligent” “pet”, or roommate through voice / organization functions
  • less complicated and expensive than big robots with legs, Astro cannot fall over
  • personal contact possibility with animals and fellow residents by video telephony via built-in monitor
  • can additionally support the care of persons and interesting for studies to e.g. support the independence of vulnerable persons (like dementia patients), if persons get up, or for reminder (for daily routines, security in case of forgetfulness e.g. in kitchen like stove, meal times, closed refrigerator doors, possibly use in nursing/elderly homes)
  • Entertainment for visitors, e.g. messenger for small gifts and products
  • also Astro can e.g. protect sick and elderly people more seamlessly and give messages to contacts when they get up and walk through the apartment, or e.g. get into distress and call for help
  • for older children (3 years and older) Astro is a toy with possibly educational functions, e.g. with later additional functions with learning functions such as vocabulary training or the like
  • Pets themselves should be able to be monitored
  • Astro is programmable to the owner

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