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The following robots can support security forces in such a way that critical areas inside and outside the building are independently patrolled. If necessary, human security personnel can intervene at any time.

Astro can be tested and returned by invitation order in early 2023. The introductory price in the test version was approx. 1,000 US dollars. Unfortunately, an invitation is only possible for the US as of early 2023. Amazon gives devices from its own production as “Day one Edition” to selected customers. This is to improve the devices by early feedback for series production. There is a possibility to pre-order. On Ebay, individual copies are freely available in advance with luck.

On the security side, Amazon offers Astro, a low-cost entry-level system for use in buildings with accessibility (wheeled tires).

Astro is a versatile dog-like vehicle from Amazon that is agile and can move on its own. Astro is approximately 16.7″ L x 9.8″ W x 17.3″ H and weighs 19.84 pounds or 9 kg.  Astro has integrated Alexa smart features at the same time. Through various sensors and the display, Astro can interact with people. The periscope camera can be used to monitor the home or a warehouse, for example, via smartphone. Advances in artificial intelligence objects from Astro simplify self-learning or recognition.

    • Ring Protect Pro and Virtual Security Guard: Astro can monitor independently as a night watchman, e.g. the own apartment, or in companies objects valuable storage rooms – advantageous is the night vision function, this provides additional security in case of absence
    • Virtual Security Guard should be able to independently detect movements and analyze the cause, security personnel can also monitor what is happening via live view and trigger noisy alarm on Astro, or talk to the person on the spot
    • Astro can replace alarm systems if necessary, for example, should also be able to intelligently detect suspicious noises (sounding smoke detectors, or clanging glass in a possible burglary) – Astro is compatible with Alexa Guard Alert
    • Astro also offers the possibility to spread light and sounds, e.g. on vacation, absence to deter potential burglars

The GO1 from Unitree is a faithful and easy-to-care-for companion on 4 paws for running, exciting camera shots and much more. The GO1 delivers a little-known experience through agile and autonomous machines. High-quality artificial intelligence and technology deliver appropriate movements like from a sci-fi movie:

Equipped this new series with 4 legs for rough terrain and also stairs. The legs look very slim and yet stable. As far as off-road capabilities are concerned, these robots are unsurpassed. Built-in cameras for the view in longitudinal axis and transverse axis of the moving head. An interesting feature is the possibility of using various attachments, such as laser scanners, infrared sensors or gripping tools.

An advantage is that the battery can be quickly replaced by a spare battery.

  • Surveillance purposes, e.g. also for security purposes.
  • reconnaissance of poorly accessible areas, outside and at obstacles in buildings, underground and e.g. in mines
  • remote laser scanning of premises
  • Attachment of tools possible (e.g. gripper arms), perspective interesting as support for agriculture or horticulture
  • Interesting are versions for rescue operations (
AI - Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence allows dynamic following of people at different speeds and with changing obstacles. There is a “tag” for automatic following. In addition, the GO1 is stabilized when climbing stairs or in rough terrain.


The GO1 can move in all 4 directions. In addition, movements to stand on 2 hind legs can be called up to perform various choreographies for entertainment. The Quadruped can thus imitate movements of a dog. In this regard, the “tag” for following people is also interesting. This gives the impression of a “faithful companion”.

  • Dimensions: length 25.4″ (645 mm) width 11″ (280 mm) height 15.7″ (400 mm)
  • Weights: 26.5 lbs (12 kg)
  • Transport: items up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg)
  • Speed depending on system: up to 3.7 m/s or 11.88 km/h
  • Battery life for approx. 1- 2.5 h depending on the workload
  • Cameras in all directions and some with wide-angle sensors – sensors
  • Remote control: optional with smartphone for video purposes
  • Transport case and spare battery
  • Various connections for additional devices are integrated (USB 3.0, RS232)

XIAOAN comes from the company Aoborobot. Characteristically, there is a round body on the chassis. This security robot travels on wheels along programmed routes. The robot is suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions. Alternatively, it can be used with remote control. Self-guided obstacle avoidance is standard. The robot is 51.2″ tall and still weighs 110 lbs. In other words, this equates to 130 cm and 50 kg of weight. The length is 39.7″ or 100 cm and the width is 28.7 or 73 cm. The heavy and sturdy structure is meant to protect against tipping over by people, or in windy conditions. With a stated gradeability of 30°, the Xiaoan surprises with performance. It has compatibility with WiFi, 4G and Bluetooth for real-time monitoring. Xiaoan can be guided by remote control, touch and voice command. The operating time with battery is rated over 9 h by the manufacturer. According to Aoborobot, the internal memory is suitable for a maximum of 3 km map size.

Through automatic detection of human cries and notification of the police, it is also possible to use Xiaoan in unclear buildings. These can be, for example, winding or nocturnal parking garages. Buttons for an emergency call and for a service contact are also available. Sirens and lights provide functions in case of emergency. It can also be advantageous to use several of these robots at the same time, or for on-demand purposes. This allows a person to better keep track of the situation, or to increase the presence. Favorable is the built-in infrared camera to better protect, for example, at dusk and night.

The price of this system is several tens of thousands of US $.

High demand products All
- weather fully autonomous patrol intelligent inspection robot

This robot is from Terminus. This security bot also has wheels like XIAOAN. The robot is a bit bigger with 1000 x 800 x 1500mm. The weight is 130 kg. The robot is suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions. The gradeability of 12 ° is sufficient for normal roads.

This system also offers two-way communication.

At a price of about 120,000 € you are in the upper segment.



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