Robosea ROBOLAB-GL bionic robot goldfish platform laser obstacle avoidance autonomous simulation swimming

This robotic fish can probably not be immediately and independently recognized as artificial by most people. Screws or rotating bodies for propulsion could namely be omitted. Movement studies on nature result in meandering and height-stable swimming. The movements and the shape of the robot are so natural in the water that only scales and fins can be seen from a distance. Natural-looking eyes are also present. The built-in sensors are discreetly present as dots in the “scales”.

The robot has a weight of 3 kg and a length of about 64x20x9cm. The fishbot can provide recordings in 4K.

The robot is named after the arowana fish. The Robosea can independently detect and swim around obstacles. It results in even swimming lanes up to a depth of about 5 m. Possible places of application are aquariums for tourists to reduce the costs of fauna, not to press individuals into captivity, to spare free-living species, or also in the careful exploration of nature. The manufacturer specifies a noise level of 55dB for the latter. Stock areas and habitats could thus be cared for and maintained with less disturbance to fish and wildlife.

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The realistic Robofish

Robosea Robolab-GL

Swims smoothly and gracefully like a real fish

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