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Sophisticated concept and application possibilities

Crucially and surprisingly, the system moves and can target people! The display can pan atmospherically. Temi is particularly suitable for greetings in gyms, banks, stores or even government offices. However, the system is also interesting for offices, e.g. for personal mail delivery, routine information and safety instructions of visitors at the reception. In retail stores, waiting times can be bridged or products can be promoted dynamically and flexibly with presentations and advertising films. It is therefore also promising for use at trade fairs, as the tray can be used to effectively place welcome material and small promotional gifts, for example. The design is also reminiscent of a display stand. The height of 39.4″ or 1 meter does not obscure the view – even when space is limited. Compared to a classic display stand that uses a relatively large amount of space to promote a single theme, Temi could introduce different themes. Also, due to the shape on the device, a display stand can be attached. Advantageous is that the device can be quickly assembled and disassembled. So that possibly a better overall picture results. An independently moving advertising medium is also a certain eye-catcher to arouse additional interest. With irregular customer rush and waiting periods Temi increases the comfort and stay of solvent visitors and increases so possibly the prospect of conversions and business contacts. In this way, employees could also be relieved of simple tasks or work comfort could be increased e.g. during vacation periods, sick leave or irregular events. This system is advantageous because it complements the human being. The low entry price of about 10,000 USD in the USA limits the entrepreneurial risk. In addition, Temi is advertised as a personal robot because its price makes it suitable for use in higher numbers in both businesses and homes. Temi can provide more targeted and personalized advice to individual visitors in gyms. In households, the ability to provide video-based entertainment and training is more relevant. Temi can be used via smartphone to conduct video conversations, video calls with colleagues, children or friends. Many future applications still have productive increase potential, such as for individual work support with organizer function, intelligent relief for search processes or routines.

This service robot is called temi. Temi has been developed as an inexpensive and high-quality entry-level system at the same time. Unnecessarily expensive components are deliberately missing. Complicated hands, arms and legs have therefore been dispensed with. The focus is on mobility with simple rollers for transporting products and interactive information with 13.3″ display and high-quality speakers. Ideal conditions for a robust system that is little susceptible to failure and wear and tear. The robot has Alexa Built-in. Consequently, temi has an integrated artificial intelligence to recognize obstacles and follow people. Temi can be controlled via voice command, remote control and by pressing a button. Temi has a unique slim design with 39.4″ height 13.8″ width and 17.7″ depth or in other words 100 cm height 35 cm width and 45 cm depth. The look is rather sober, understated and timeless. Temi is reminiscent of a mobile piece of furniture. This can be especially attractive to people who still have reservations about robots, or don’t want to be too distracted by the artificial look. A storage compartment is located at the top behind the display. The weight of temi is only 26.5 lbs or 12 kg. Connections like USB are available.

Services and Advantages

Autonomous face tracking
intuitive interface
Delivery in box
With Human and AI
Up to 1 m per second
Autonomous charging



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