Tesla Optimus

Which humanoid is the best for sale in the luxury segment?

The planned Optimus Robot from Tesla is not yet available in spring 2023. The Tesla Optimus Robot is the brainchild of billionaire Elon Musk. Optimus is supposed to have the characteristics of a smart humanoid. Tesla is testing Optimus in its own production. This compilation lists already available high-priced humanoids. The main differences between humanoids are the way they move and their developing artificial intelligence.

Mode of movement

Real humanoids can move in 2 ways. It is a locomotion with simple wheels, or with walking gear possible. For humanoids, complex walking systems with legs should not be overrated at the moment. Walkers lead to systems that are much more expensive and energy intensive. Walking systems make sense for stairs, or for outdoor use. Experience shows that moving and complex parts are prone to failure and require high maintenance. Due to a lack of practical experience, no recommendation is made for heavy humanoids. Rollers or caterpillars are currently still unsurpassed for ground-level and flat inclined movements.

The basis of artificial intelligence

With regard to the form of artificial intelligence, a fundamental distinction can be made between 2 technical solutions. On the one hand, a decentralized isolated solution of humanoids with integrated computing power and software is possible. On the other hand, there are cloud-based humanoids (e.g. the Cloud Ginger). Cloud-based technology includes centralized online-based computing and storage solutions. Networked cloud-based solutions are promising in the context of Industry 4.0. However, networking requires additional IT security measures. Furthermore, a stable connection by means of radio networks, or stationary cabling is necessary. Therefore, although an isolated solution is less dynamic, it is not as susceptible to faults. In the future, cloud-based solutions for the economy are likely to be successful. For home users, standalone solutions could be more advantageous overall, especially to protect privacy.

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